Sharing Insights and Dreams

Allard is on a mission. He wants to share his insights across the business world and make his dream of everyone being happier and more productive at work a reality. Everyone has a part to play in making this happen. If you're an entrepreneur, or dreaming of being one, or a manager who is searching for a better way to work, or studying business and leadership styles, spending time with Allard will inspire you.


ABN Amro, Elsevier, Dutch Dream, VNO-NCW, ION, Deutsche Bank, ING, ProRail,, InHolland, HNK, Arpa, CX Circle, Integron, Energize, Stichtse Vecht Municipality, FME, NCD, Webtommorow, Ebbinge, Ahrend or Nijenrode, Nestle are just a few examples.



When structure and bureaucracy get in the way of creativity at work, you need a touch of Dutch entrepreneur Allard Droste’s way of working. Fed up with a work environment that lacked inspiration and left little room for his team to be creative or utilize their strengths, Allard decided no more.





No more job descriptions, no more appraisals and no more fixed working hours. Now, after working and growing together in an open environment, the business and personal results are astonishing; increased job satisfaction, extremely low absenteeism, wonderful team spirit and great long-term results.


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'Sure, many positive reactions have been received. Allard's interactive talk was well assessed during the evaluation. Your contribution even scored a big 9' - Integron


'Yesterday I listened to your story with great pleasure at Energize. Immediately started with confidence and dreams yesterday and it was a great day! Thank you very much!' - Jeroen Wesselink