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'Very inspiring book. Especially the real life examples are really cool.' - Jouri Schoenmaker



“I read this book in a few days and was absorbed by it, I couldn’t put it down. In a concise and inspiring way, Allard takes you on his journey to a new way of working where confidence and respect are the basis of all changes that can lead to an inspiring work environment. A well written, inspirational and useful book with concrete tips and tricks on how to get started. Highly recommended!”


In my book SEMCO IN THE POLDER - with a touch of Droste, I take you into the magic of dreams. How do you get more success with your organization? How do you get that dream job, new project or new customer? I turn it around and pretend I'm already there. No phrases like: I would like or I hope. I use: I have and I am.


My experiences prove that it can be simple, but not easy - because it takes courage to change. You can make things simple - reorganise your business, get back to the shop floor, rediscover your intuition and take responsibility. Get away from fixed structures, authorisation schemes or job profiles. Make it a piece of cake. 

This is not always easy - but it's possible!

Letting go

When you can truly let go - you're there and it really is a piece of cake! To make your organization work more efficiently and with greater happiness, you will have to let go. Trust is the key word. With trust you get the most out of your team. Co-management then becomes the norm. Ricardo Semler with his company Semco is a good example of this.

Ricardo Semler and Semco in de Polder - with a Touch of Droste



In January 2017 Ricardo Semler graciously accepted the first copy of 'Semco in de Polder'. Ricardo Semler is the Brazilian entrepreneur of, among other things, the hugely successful company Semco and once called the 'Global Leader of Tomorrow' by Time Magazine.  


'Allard shows in all simplicity how it can be done differently. With confidence, letting go of control and daring to trust people, he shows you that employees are capable of so much more than they get credit for. No more structures at the workplace. Follow the dream. Create a work environment that allows people to work the way they want to. Simple, yes?'                                                                                                                         Ricardo Semler