Professional dreamer, entrepreneur, manager, keynote speaker, coach

Allard Droste shows in all simplicity how it can be done differently. With confidence and taking responsibility people can do so much more than we think. Get rid of the fixed structures. Follow the dream. Set up your business as you would prefer to work.


Employees become co-entrepreneurs.


Allard spent his first ten years in the corporate world, using Lean Management practice and a hands-on approach, he helped commercial companies and government institutions simplify their processes. In 2006 Allard made the switch to entrepreneurship. 


In 2007 he bought the metal sheet company Aldowa in Rotterdam. Together with the whole team, a huge culture change has transformed the company, from a traditional hierarchical firm to a holocracy. From directive to organic. With this major culture change came great benefits. The company has changed from being a general supplier to a full project organization delivering incredible projects, like the largest work of art in the world, found in the Markthal in Rotterdam. Revenues have grown from 2.5 to over 16 million euros as has staff happiness and motivation at work, with absenteeism of just 2%.


Aldowa has received numerous awards for its work including the FD Gazelle (Financial Times News), VNO-NCW New Heroes and the Metal Union Award. Allard himself was nominated as Rotterdam entrepreneur of the year in 2017. This is proof that working differently is possible, not only in hip start-ups, but in a traditional and long standing manufacturing company. Of course, these rewards did not come easily, but the insights they've learned through all the ups and downs enabled them to succeed.


Allard is now investing in a chocolate business, Hagelswag, which is distributing to over 40 countries within one year. The dream is to share the Dutch tradition of chocolate for breakfast using delicious and high quality chocolate. 


Allard is active as an investor, coach and keynote speaker. He has an MBA from Insead and a master degree in Aerospace Engineering of Delft University of Technology. He is the father of two sons, Maas en Duco, enthusiastic athlete and pilot and lives in Bussum.